Top 5 Reasons Aluminum is a Great Recyclable Material

Recycling is a complicated process and can cause confusion for many eco-minded people who just want to do their best. One thing you can be sure of is the power of recycling aluminum. Those cans in your recycling bin are made from a powerfully eco-friendly material if recycled. Here are the top 5 reasons why aluminum is a great recyclable material.

Continuous Recycling

Of all the aluminum ever produced, 75 percent of it is still in use today. That is because recycling aluminum is 100 percent recyclable and it can be completely repurposed. 

The Most Valuable Thing in Your Recycling Bin

Aluminum is by far the most valuable of recyclable materials. In one year, over $800 million dollars is spent on recycled aluminum by the aluminum industry. Other materials, such as glass and plastic, are much less valuable because they are less efficient to recycle.

100 Percent Recyclable

As a material, aluminum is 100 percent recyclable. That means that it can be completely reclaimed and repurposed during the recycling process. This is much more efficient than glass or plastic recycling.

Three Times Better Than the Alternatives

Did you know you can get aluminum canned water? One of these is made of about 70 percent recycled material, which is three times more than the average plastic water bottle or glass water bottle.

Fast Turn Around

An aluminum beverage can packaging Los Angeles CA center can recycle cans and return them to a store shelf in as little as 60 days. The recycling process is clean, quick and efficient, so there is little downtime between you recycling your cans and being used again. This means less new aluminum needs to be created.

Recycling aluminum is easy, sustainable and efficient, so make sure you are recycling all your aluminum cans and other aluminum products.