Tips For Taking Your Morning Jog Safely

Fortunately, more and more people are taking to healthier habits such as exercise and one of the most popular forms is the morning jog. Equipped with your favorite music, comfortable running shoes, and a determination to go further or faster than the day before, many of you make your way onto the city and country roads, moving your body to a healthier, skinnier, less stressed you. It’s wonderful, but many do not consider the dangers a jogger may run into while out. Below are a few to watch out for.


Running in the country is usually pretty uneventful, as far as vehicles on the road, but taking a jog around the block in a busy city can prove to be an obstacle course. Either way, the number one tip to remember is to run against the traffic. This way, even if the driver does not notice you, you can see the driver and make a quick escape if he/she happens to get too close. Also, never run in the street, if you can help it. Stick to the sidewalks. In the country, this is easier said than done in most places, but refer to the first tip. It applies either way.


Another obstacle you will encounter while out running is people. People are everywhere and they are not all jogging with you. Some are headed to work, some are just enjoying the scenery, and others are sizing you up trying to figure out how to violate you in whatever way they are accustom to. It’s the later we will discuss. Never ever go jogging alone. This is the number one deterrent to anyone looking to ruin your day by robbing you or bringing you bodily harm. If, for some reason, you have no other choice but to go alone, make sure to take something to protect yourself with. Most joggers choose mace or pepper spray, and it never hurts to have some training in self-defense maneuvers either.

Rough Terrain

If you are an avid jogger, you probably enjoy the challenge of all types of terrain. An easy jog might include the sidewalks of your neighborhood. A moderate run may start off down one of the local hiking trails and if you desired a greater challenge, you could choose a rougher trail or run the bleachers of your local YMCA or high school football field. While the variety of terrains is one of the most alluring attractions to the challenge of running, it can also be one of the most dangerous aspects. It’s important to walk out any new routes you add making sure to take note of any cracks or step offs in the sidewalks or any tree stumps or mud holes that may be lurking on the trail. Good quality shoes and shoes that are appropriate for the terrain you are jogging are a must, as well.

In the end, jogging is a great way to stay in shape and to reduce stress. Just make sure to follow these tips and participate safely.