Tips for Getting Pregnant

Many families are currently struggling with difficulty becoming pregnant. A couple may be deemed infertile if the ability to become pregnant persists for longer than one year. In most cases, failure to become pregnant is due to a lack of knowledge about time frames. The following are a few tips that can help a married couple that is trying to conceive:

Stay as Healthy as Possible

The male and the female have to be healthy for conception to occur. They should both cease any activities that may hinder the process. Such activities include drinking, smoking cigarettes and eating unhealthy foods. The male and the female should take a multivitamin every day so that they can have the highest level of health.

Stay Alert of the Fertile Window

Many couples do not take advantage of the fertile window, and a pregnancy cannot occur unless they do. Women are usually the most fertile from three days before ovulation to one day after ovulation. The entire fertile period lasts about five days per month. The very best time for intercourse is precisely three days before ovulation.

Use Rapid Test for Better Detection

Rapid tests
can help a couple to pinpoint ovulation. Ovulation is the process during which a woman’s body prepares to release an egg. Ovulation occurs approximately 14 days into the cycle, but every woman is different. Therefore, the test can provide confirmation of the right time. A rapid pregnancy test can confirm to the parties whether their efforts were successful.