Tips for Creating a Healthier Home

Most people have a set cleaning schedule around their home, whether they do it themselves or it’s the chores of their children. Some people even have maids that clean for them. But how clean are you getting your home?

You may be surprised at all the things that are lurking in the nooks and crannies of your living quarters. From bug to things that make it hard to breath, it’s time to take a look at what you need to get cleaned in your home and how doing so can make your life healthier.

Get At That Dust

Dust is the bane of most homeowner’s existence. It seems like it never goes away, no matter how often you dust (kind of like dirty dishes and dirty laundry). However, it’s important that you don’t give up because dust can aggravate allergies in many people.


Your household dust is also filled with many things, not just human skin, but also toxins. That stuff is in the air you breath any time you move something dusty. Make sure you vacuum at least two times a week, using a HEPA filter equipped machine. Sweep and mop often, and don’t forget to get in the corners and under furniture.

Make Sure Your Air Is Protected

Obviously you are working toward protecting the air when you vacuum up the dust, but there is more to it than that. You may want to get an ionic air purifier in your home, which help clean the air you breath. You can also get plants that help clean the air, like aloe and ferns.

As well, you’ll want to make sure that you have both a radon detector and a carbon monoxide detector in your home. Both of these things that get into the air you breath can actually cause death and should be taken just as seriously as having smoke detectors in your home.

Fight the Mold

Mold is another thing that affects the air you breath and it can appear almost anywhere. Keep areas under sinks clean, your bathtub (in and around it), and also keep window sills clean. While some mold probably won’t bother you, unless you suffer from asthma, black mold can lead to huge respiratory issues.

To fight black mold, make sure when you have a leak anywhere in your home you get it cleaned and dried quickly. Leaks in walls will need to be taken care of, as well as ceiling and roof leaks. If mold has already started you may have some big remodel projects coming up in your home to keep it a safe place to live.

Don’t Forget To Banish Bugs

Different bugs can cause different problems in your home. Some are just annoying, like ants and spiders. Keeping your kitchen clean can help you avoid some ant species and roaches. If you are getting bitten by resident spiders you may need a bug bomb or to call in an exterminator.

If you have termites your home is getting even more damage and they could be weakening your home causing even more dangers. These nasty bugs literally eat your home and you risk having a weak structure.

If you want a safer and healthier home these simple steps can help you breath and sleep easier.