The Real Reasons Why You’re Sick all the Time

Illness is a nasty little thing. Plague, disease, viruses…they all seem to come on so rapidly. One moment you’re feeling fine, the next you feel as though you’ve been hit by a train. When somebody around you is ill, things get pretty scary.

Suddenly you’ve become a clean freak. You’re washing your hands every five minutes, cleaning things everybody touches, crossing your fingers, and knocking on wood that you don’t catch what’s going around. You can’t afford to get sick. You would totally wear a doctors mask if it didn’t make you feel so hideous.

You can’t catch a ball for your life, but with these viruses that go around you’re running around like the Babe Ruth of H1N1. Why you? Why are you always sick? Here are the likely reasons.

You’re Lacking Proper Nutrients

You’re probably a busy person who has to run out the door in a hurry to make it to work on time every day. You often skip breakfast, you have a 45 minute lunch, during which you run to the cafeteria or nearest coffee shop and get a little something to scarf down quickly before you head back to work to finish the day off.


Once you get home, you’re drained, hungry, and you just want some wine and chocolate to finish out the night. This could be a reason why you’re always sick. Your poor diet and skipping of meals means that you aren’t getting the nutrients your body needs to fight illness.

Solve this problem by eating better and taking vitamin and magnesium supplements. You’ll have much more energy, you’ll feel less stressed, and you won’t get sick nearly as often.

You’re Not Being Kissed by the Sun

It’s understandable that during the entire year you’re working in a little cubicle without a window. You like to have your lunch outside during the summer time, but during the rest of the year, there is no sun. You might live in Seattle where it’s perpetually rainy. In any case, vitamin D is essential to your body to lift your spirits and make you healthy. Get outside and if you don’t have that option, do something else.

It’s All Connected

If you don’t have the ability to spend some time in the sun, take a supplement and take some cod liver oil. The reasons you’re sick all the time have a lot to do with each other. Not enough nutrients in your food, lack of sun and vitamin D, lack of sleep, and stress all deplete you of what you need to stay healthy.

Work on bettering the bad habits in life and get your vitamins and your sleep. To further guard yourself getting sick, see if your workplace offers vaccinations. The workplace is a big place where sickness spreads. It’s in their best interest to offer this perk to their employees so that everyone isn’t calling sick on the same day.