The Best Oils to Use While Massaging Your Breasts

A lot of women these days are really worried about the size of their breasts. In this society small breasts aren’t very popular because they are viewed as being unattractive by some. This is one of the main reasons why surgical procedures for breast enlargement are so desired.

However, breast enhancement surgery can cost a lot of money and cause a lot of complications, which is why many women are afraid of undergoing the procedures. According to there are other safer and more less expensive ways to increase the size of your breasts. One of the most effective natural ways to make your boobs bigger are breast massages that increase the blood flow towards your chest area.

When your breasts begin to receive more blood flow it will also begin to receive more estrogen as well. Estrogen is the female hormone known to help stimulate breast development. The more estrogen you breasts receive the more breast growth will be stimulated.

When you perform these breast massages you need to use certain oils that help make the massage procedure easier and more effective. In this article we’ll go over some of the best oils to use while you massage your breasts for breast development.

Jojoba Oil

This oil contains many vitamins that can help stimulate natural breast growth while massaging your breasts. It’s highly recommended for massaging your breasts because it contains a compound very simular to the sebum your body naturally produces. This compound makes the oil very light and allows it to cover your breast tissue without clogging your pores.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is great to use while massaging your breasts because it contains certain properties that can help you achieve your breast enhancement goals. The properties in this oil will also help make your skin softer and much more perkier, which is definitely a plus when it comes to the appearance of your breasts. Olive oil is also known to help protect women against cancer cells that can lead to breast cancer. Moreover, the smooth texture of olive oil helps make massaging the breasts a lot easier and less painful.

Almond Oil

Most people love almond oil because of the great smell it produces. However, the properties this oil contains can help make a huge difference in the results you see from massaging your breasts. This is why a lot of products you see on the market for skin care contains a high amount of almond oil. You can find this oil at any health food store and it is very cheap when compared to a lot of other essential oils. The soothing effect this oil gives you while you massage your breasts will help make the entire procedure much more enjoyable.

Flaxseed Oil

Thanks to the omega-3 fatty acids this oil contains it is very easy to see why this oil is often recommended for breast massage. Not only does it help promote natural breast growth, but it also will help decrease the risk of breast cancer. Some women have found warming up this oil before using it helps create a much more satisfying massage on their breasts.