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Natural Breast Enlargement/Enhancement

Over the years, natural breast enhancement/enlargement methods are gaining its popularity among woman and also some biological man (mainly cross dresser and transgender).

lingerieThis ranges from oral herbal breast enhancement, glandular therapy or cell therapy breast enhancement, breast cream, breast lotion, breast serum and etc.

Many claims natural breast enhancement does not work and opt for a faster way of increasing their cup size through breast augmentation surgery.

In actual fact natural breast enhancement methods do work. Many have even gain incredible success with it.

For those who have tried herbal breast enhancement routine might taken aback by its disadvantage when they experience more estrogen dominance symptoms such as mood swing, migraines, depression, digestive issues, fuzzy thinking, palpitations, food cravings, irregular bleeding, water retention, weight gain, menses delayed and more.

This is because most herbal breast enhancement products in the market are made with an objective of knocking only 1 or 2 hormones out of its balance.
Hormones are complex and important bodily chemical that helps keep the body at its functioning vital.

Knocking only 1 or 2 out of balance causes hormone imbalance which will cause more negative effect than positive ones.

Why Cell-Therapy Breast Enhancement/Enlargement instead of Herbal Breast Enhancement?

Cell-therapy or glandular therapy breast enhancement is made from cattle’s glandular through freeze drying process. There are no heats involved during the process in order to keep the glandular cell at its best raw form as possible. Once this cell goes into the body it will target your endocrine system that’s responsible in growing breast to rejuvenate, refresh and revitalize it so that your own endocrine system will be able to produce the hormone, chemicals and secretion for breast to grow.

Product 250x250Unlike most herbal breast enhancement, cell-therapy breast enhancement or glandular therapy breast enhancement will not knock your body hormone out of balance. It is able to follow your body own hormone wave which means, it will know when to elevate your hormone and when to lower it. You do not need to cycle it like most herbal breast enhancement does. Breast enhancement is more complex than just raising estrogen or progesterone level which herbal breast enhancement is known to do.

Cell-therapy breast enhancement like FemFigure Fem-G has greater chance of success and is easier to work for most ladies and even biological man due to its nature which uses your own body glandular system to generate the hormones, enzymes, secretion and chemical it requires for breast enhancement to take place. The success rate is so high often reach a 93% success rate.

This type of breast enhancement method not only works for smaller breast unlike herbal breast enhancement (mostly work on ladies with a standard B cup), it also does not require maintenance. You keep what you grow and it is just a 1 time off investment.

What is the most important element you need to consider when choosing cell-therapy breast enhancement?

When choosing a supplement that’s involve cattle material, it is vital that you know the cattle’s raw ingredients come from a reliable country that do not have a history of mad cow disease or BSE. Responsible sellers will not risk their consumers health by offering supplements that’s made from cattle origins from a high risk country.

FemFigure Fem-G cell therapy breast enhancement raw cattle glandular are harvested from a Muslim slaughter house in Argentina. All cattle are fed with grass and corns which is the healthiest feeding method. You could request a proof of certificate of analysis for the country origins of its raw material. Please take note, not many sellers can present with you with this certification.