Spices Every American Kitchen Should Have

Despite the vast number of Michelin recognized restaurants in the country, it’s a known fact that we Americans still prefer to eat fast food. Ever since the fast food industry has taken its place over home-cooked meals, we started to forget how certain simple ingredients can be good and healthy for our bodies. By mere use of spices in the dishes we eat, we can actually help our bodies heal little by little and get stronger.

Though many studies have yet to declare a definitive statement on how certain spices can cure some diseases, there is certainly compelling evidence on how they can help manage certain conditions. Here are some of the spices that you should have stored in your kitchen for every day use.

Chili – Metabolism Booster

We surely appreciate how chili can add heat to the food we enjoy during cold weathers, but we can appreciate it even more for boosting our metabolism. The potent compound found in fresh chilis is capsaicin. This ingredient has been found to be responsible for increasing our body’s metabolic rate – helping us to burn more calories efficiently. Milder hybrid chilis, though may contain less kick in our palate, have been also found to have the same effects to their spicier counterparts.

Ginger – Soothes upset stomach and pain from arthritis

Ginger has been very useful among pregnant women in preventing morning sickness and an unsettled stomach. It has also been known to reduce the gastrointestinal side effects of chemotherapy. Aside from its reputation of relieving stomach issues, daily intake of ginger can also reduce inflammation and pain from arthritis.

Cinnamon – Blood Sugar Stabilizer

There are some studies that confirm that daily intake of cinnamon can help stabilize your blood sugar levels. A teaspoon a day is said to control and fight blood sugar among those suffering with type 2 diabetes by lowering down the blood sugar every after meals.

Turmeric – Inhibits Tumors and Quells Inflammation

There are many turmeric benefits. Probably one of the most used spices in traditional medicine, turmeric is able to treat wounds. It’s also made in capsule form and produced in tea bags to improve the immune system to fight diseases.

Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, curcumin (the active ingredient in turmeric) helps relieve pain, tone down and eliminate inflammation and prevent illnesses. It’s efficient in preventing heart disease, diabetes, and neurodegenerative diseases.  It’s also known to inhibit tumor cell growth and neutralizes carcinogens. Today, many people take turmeric as a supplement in order to enjoy these health benefits.

Saffron – Mood Lifter

Persians traditionally used saffron to help lift their mood. Usually mixed in their rice dishes or prepared as tea, this herb relieves premenstrual symptoms and depression. A study conducted by Tehran University of Medical Sciences states that 75% of women who were given daily doses of saffron have reduced PMS symptoms.

Sage – Soothes Sore Throat

Sage has been traditionally used to treat sore throat. By sipping sage tea, or spraying a concentrated sage solution on sore throats, it delivered effective pain relief. Sage is also known to promote the enzyme that protects acetylcholine – a brain chemical involved in memory and cognition.