Six Things That Should Be Part Of Your Heart Healthy Diet

Heart health is important. According to the CDC, over 600 thousand people die every year from heart disease, which is a preventable illness with proper diet, health care, and exercise. Women seem to be especially at risk for heart disease, which can come in many forms.

From blocked arteries causing a buildup of cholesterol, to high blood pressure, your heart is at risk if you aren’t taking good care of you health, which includes regular doctor visits. You should also make sure to cut out bad habits, like smoking and alcohol consumption, and take up good habits, like exercising and eating healthy.


Vegetables are probably one of the most important, essential items that should be on every plate of food you eat. In fact, it doesn’t hurt to have a third to a half of that plate filled with them. Vegetables are rich in all sorts of healthy vitamins that are great for heart health, and overall health.

Vegetables also make great snacks, additions to soup, and more. Try to get as many as you can a day, and a variety to get all the essential nutrients possible.

Reduce Sodium

Salt is not heart healthy and it can be one of the triggers for high blood pressure. That is why it is extremely important to keep an eye on your salt intake. Use an imitation salt, or even sea salt, for flavoring, but still use them sparingly.

You should also cut back on prepackaged foods, and over processed foods, which can also contain a lot of extra sodium in them for preservation and flavor.


Water is a great way to help you fill up when you sit down to eat, which can help you consume less. If you eat large meals you may be developing a larger waistline, and a larger waist increases your chances of developing heart disease. Water can help you curb that big eating.

Fish And Other Healthy Fats

Omega 3 fatty acids aren’t just heart healthy, they are also brain healthy. Get three servings of fish a week, and supplement the other days with other good fats like olive oil and avocados. You can do a ton with avocados, like add them to sandwiches and salads.

White Meats

Cut back on your intake of red meat, which can contain a lot more cholesterol than white meat. There are a million things you can do with chicken. Purchase turkey bacon, sausage, and burger, instead of the beef kind.

Snack On Fruit

Lastly, when you get a sweet tooth, leave the cakes and candy bars alone. Instead, grab some antioxidant rich berries, or other fruits. These naturally sweet snacks are good for you. Plus, antioxidants can help clear out toxins in your blood stream, adding more heart protection.