Should You Avoid DEET Products?

Bug bites are not only itchy and annoying – they are also dangerous. Mosquitoes and other insects can carry diseases, such as the West Nile virus and Lyme disease. Protecting yourself and your children from bug bites is important, but should you rely on products with DEET in them to do the job?

Many people swear by DEET to keep them safe from bug bites, but the chemical has been linked to potential health problems. This has included studies that have shown a connection between DEET and nervous system issues, seizures, and brain toxicity. Additionally, it can cause skin reactions for many people, especially those with sensitive skin.

Regardless of people’s beliefs and studies, it is a fact that anything put on the skin can be absorbed into the body. Harmful substances can attack the body’s vital organs and cause serious health issues. Whenever possible, staying away from such substances is always the best choice.

Choosing a natural DEET free bug repellent is the best way to ensure that neither you nor your children experience any potential effects. Additionally, natural products are made with ingredients that are good for the body. This means you’re not only keeping the bug bites at bay but also providing yourself with some health benefits.