Say GoodBye For Google Reader, Welcome for Bloglovin Followers

Reach unlimited visitors visiting your blog, of course this will impact to your blog traffic so that your income will climb up. In real, there are many ways to do to get abundant blog followers. One of all is by using LovinFollowers. This is a specific site where when can get many bloglovin followers. Far away before Bloglovin becomes popular, site marketing strategy can be realized by Google Reader. But over the time, since 1 July 2013 ago, Google has been officially turn off and removing Google Reader features.

Google Reader vs Bloglovin

Since Google Reader is removed, there are many its followers who feel disappointed with it. Google reader was really efficient and practical. This is a feeds reader that allows you to subscribe feed Atom and RSS. This decision of course impacts to many people, especially for many webmasters, But not Bloglovin is presented to remove your gloomy. To avoid the loss of your favorite feed blog, we can start to seek alternative way and this is situated in Bloglovin. Bloglovin is regarded as the modern alternative of Google Reader. Yeah, although it is not as good as GFC, but at least you can reach bloglovin followers from this.

How To Use Bloglovin to Increase Bloglovin Followers

Improving bloglovin followers can be done by these steps. First thing we should do is by registering on Well, we can register with 2 options, using e-mail or if you have a Facebook account, you can use it to register at first time. After you are successfully to be a verified member, you are allowed to search your favorite blogs and then follow it. A ‘Home’ will display recent post from a web that you has followed. The next step is by claiming your own blog. To do it, please open BLOGLOVIN website and then you need to login at first. After that click “Claim Blog”. Search your blog address and be sure that your blog has been included on the box.

Then, you need to do a verification. Copy a code they gave and then open your own blogger. Get a new html gadgets and then insert /paste the code you have copy at first. Then, come back to your bloglovin tab, click Claim Blog and then you will be directly added on the page of “Your Blog”. Blog lovin also provides a feature named Bloglovin Button. The function is almost same with GFC but with the simpler display. There are 3 options to choose i.e. Bloglovin buttons, Artist Icons and Bloglovin Buttons. Evenly you can enjoy a feature that can be used to import followers data from Google Readers. But unlucky this feature has not fully work remind that Google Reader now has been deleted. Nevertheless, you can still get abundant blog followers directly from bloglovin followers you have registered previously. This works to improve your income.