Replenish hormones for effective mass gain

musclebackroutine300x221When it comes to muscle mass gain, diet and exercises are very essential. However, there are other factors that are essential for bodybuilding and these include insulin, growth hormones and testosterone production in the body. All these are necessary as they help you to achieve significant decrease in body fat while at the same time achieving muscle mass. It is important for the body to produce sufficient amount of insulin, testosterone and growth hormones and these should be produced at the right time if the right results are to be achieved. This process is largely determined by the amount and quality of exercises and macronutrients consumed each day. it is important to develop the right weight-training programs and eat the right ratio/amount of macronutrients for the body to produce the right amount of hormones.
Hormones are important for developing strength and density of the muscles, distribution and storage of excess body fats and energy regulation. It is possible to make the most effective use of hormones so as to enhance the process of muscle mass gain.

Essential hormones necessary for muscle gain and how to replenish them
Growth Hormone
This hormone is produced by the pituitary gland. It aids in muscle building and stimulates the body to burn more fat, a process very vital in the development of healthy muscles. It is also important to also understand that as we effectively build, replace and repair muscles, we also helps the body to slow aging process. Growth hormone works in harmony with testosterone and insulin for muscle-building but the most unfortunate thing is that its production declines as one grows old.

How to replenish growth hormone: – Exercises and supplements can be essential in stimulating the production of the hormone to help in muscle gain.
This is a more masculine hormone responsible for male characteristics and sexuality. Testosterone is very important as it increases muscle protein synthesis thus influencing muscle response to exercises. It is also vital for fat burning and muscle building but unfortunately its production declines gradually as you age.

How to Replenish: – Testosterone levels can be increased through exercises but this should be done hand-in-hand with other variables such as nutrition, fitness, rest, emotional stress and sleep. Testosterone supplements such as anabolic steroids are also a good choice if you are into hardcore bodybuilding. You may buy anabolic steroids online, there are lot of good options available.
This hormone is produced by the pancreas and helps in the transportation of amino acids to the body tissues for anabolic action. It also transports glucose or blood sugar to the cells for energy. The levels of insulin in the body should be controlled as any excess production is a strong fat builder. It is possible for the body to become insulin sensitive or resistant due to factors such as lack of exercises, emotional stress, obesity, insufficient dietary fat and excessive sugar intake. Carbohydrates should be consumed with care to keep insulin production in check.

How to replenish insulin: – Eating high-insulin-promoting carbohydrates and proteins to avoid muscle breakdown and promote muscle mass gain instead.

Glucagon is produced and released by the pancreas and helps in converting glycogen into blood sugar. Glycogen is an unused glucose reserved in the liver or muscle tissue for use as energy when needed. Glucagon burns or mobilizes fat and proper quantity and quality ingestion should be observed.

How to replenish Glucagon: – Eat high-glycemic carbohydrates and proteins after workouts to replenish what is burned during exercises. This is essential for building and repairing muscle tissue.