Remember These 3 Etiquette Tips When Going Out for Dinner

Dinner is always a special occasion, whether you are having a meal at a friend’s house or eating out with the family. One of the best ways to improve everyone’s time is by practicing proper dinner etiquette. While some specifics change depending on the setting, there are some fundamental rules that every participant needs to follow.

Wait Before Eating

Generally, you want to avoid eating before others, but this rule can change depending on the location. During formal events, everyone usually waits until the host or hostess begins. If you are eating out at a dinner restaurant valhalla ny, you need to wait until everyone in the table is served their meal. Finally, at a more casual place like a buffet restaurant, make sure everyone in the table has claimed a seat before serving yourself.

Avoid Using Your Phone

Using a cell phone at the table is considered rude. Avoid making or receiving calls, especially at a public place. Turning your phone off prevents these interruptions, but if you cannot avoid urgent calls, explain the situation to the others and leave the area to resolve it. Also, try not to text or check your phone during dinner. It distracts you from eating and disrespects anyone making conversation. Again, only do so during an emergency and explain yourself beforehand.

Use Utensils Carefully

The formal use of silverware can get confusing, especially when there are utensils beyond the usual fork/spoon/knife trio. This situation can vary depending on what is placed on the table, but to be safe, start with the utensils further from the plate and continue towards the center. Salads and soup are usually served first and their corresponding utensils are the furthest. In a less formal setting, just use silverware as intended, like spoons for hot liquids and knives for cutting solid food.

No matter the setting where dinner takes place, you need to practice proper manners. Etiquette ensures everyone has a pleasant time and the host or establishment receives proper respect.