Posting on a Daily Basis

Adding new content to your blog is important. However, there are some bloggers who say that you do not need to update your blog very often. Here are the arguments:

-Your best posts will get buried. If you post many posts per day, then your visitors might have a problem finding the most useful posts. This would not happen if you would not post that often.
-It will be harder for Google to index your blog. It takes some time for Google to index all of the pages, and if you are not going to post for some time, then at least most of your pages will get indexed. This way your blog will get indexed deeply.
-If you do not have any good ideas for posts, it might be better to refrain from posting for some time. In the meantime, look for post ideas by visiting other blogs, or by reading magazines.

I am not saying that I agree with everything what has been stated here, but nonetheless, these arguments are worth considering. However, take into account that most readers prefer to visit a blog that is updated on a regular basis. That is because visiting a blog that does not have any new posts published might be a waste of time.