Popularity of eBay

Many people are still very cautious about purchasing items on the Internet, and many of them even decided not to shop online at all. However, this does not describe accurately the majority of Internet users. Most of them have been using eBay for many few years, and have never been scammed. I know that there are some auction sites on the Internet where a person can possibly get cheated; however, it is safe to say that eBay is a safe place to shop online. One of the reasons is that each seller has an online reputation and feedback. If a seller scams anyone, then he is going to receive a negative feedback. This in turn will mean that buyers will lose interest in his products. EBay does not give a second chance to anyone, and if a person is once banned it means that is he banned forever. EBay has even the right to freeze a sellers PayPal account if it suspects any fraudulent activities. Each PayPal account needs verification, and there are steps take to prevent a person from creating multiple accounts using different names. Actually, the problem with PayPal is that very often sellers are not treated very well, as PayPal often assumes that the customer is almost always right.