Pine Bark Extract Benefits

As a natural extract, pine bark extract comes with numerous health benefits. The Eastern pine tree products this extract, which contains large amounts of OPCs. Anti-aging properties and a reduction of damage caused by free radicals are two benefits associated with the extract.

Various supplements and topical creams utilize pine bark extract as an ingredient. Compared to Vitamins E and C, users have found the extract even more beneficial. Extract from pine bark helps with microcirculation because it increases levels of oxygen throughout the body, especially in the circulatory system.

Currently, pine bark extract can be found at a large number of aesthetic retailers and supplement shops. This includes online retailers and physical retailers. Its biggest benefit involves increasing oxygenation and leading to higher levels of physical endurance. On top of that, harmful free radicals from the environment that speed up damage to cells and make aging faster are warded off by pine bark extract.

If you are ever looking to purchase pine bark either in liquid, power or capsule form, you can find it at Looking forward to helping you get an edge on your health.