Outfitting a Small At-Home Gym

Building an in-home gym can be fun. An at-home gym can provide you with a convenient place to work out when the weather is bad or when you simply can’t make it to the local fitness center. Outfitting your home gym doesn’t have to be complicated. Finding the right equipment is the first and most important step.

Basic Fitness Equipment

Even if you have a small home gym, you can pack in equipment that will allow you to work out your entire body. A set of dumbbells will allow you to complete all of your strength training exercises without taking up too much space. Other equipment like jump ropes, exercise balls and kettlebells will allow you to get the most utility out of your home gym and rival that which you can find at a commercial fitness center.

Advanced Fitness Equipment

For your home gym, you can skip the treadmill and stationery bike as they will likely take up a lot of room that you can use for other equipment. If you want to get in a good run or bike ride, consider going the traditional route and taking it to the streets. Leave room for more advanced equipment like pull up bars, TRX cables and boxing bags.

Outfitting your home gym doesn’t require a ton of space, nor does it have to be expensive. By stocking your home gym with the basics, you can enjoy a good all-over, full-body workout even when you can’t get out to the gym.