Make Travelling by Plane a Pleasant Experience

Travelling by plane is now a regular thing for many of us. The days of one holiday abroad each year are long gone as people jet off several times a year. Even in a work environment, it is no longer cost efficient to travel to that meeting by train because travelling by plane is faster and often cheaper.

However, the whole experience of travelling by plane can leave us feeling pretty exhausted but it doesn’t have to be that way. Yes, you will have to spend time in the airport waiting to be called through to your flight and yes, you might experience delays but travelling by plane is fun, especially when you plan ahead.

When you board that plane, you can make the whole journey one that is relaxing and enjoyable.

Pack your favourite book

Once you become airborne, you are now in your own little cocoon. Yes, in a few hours’ time you will be touching down beautiful sunshine or a new adventure but for now, make this time your own. Choose a book that really grabs your attention and immerse yourself in it. Forget about the screaming children in the row behind you. Get your head into your book and you will probably find that you will have it finished by the time you touch down.

Music always helps

The sound of the drone of the engine can often drive you crazy on a flight, so why not load your favourite songs onto your phone in preparation for the flight. All you need to do then is pop your headphones in, press play and drift away to the sound of your favourite band or artist.

Watch Films and TV shows

If films and TV shows are your thing, then having them with you on a flight can make all the difference. Immerse yourself in your favourite TV show or watch a film on your smartphone or tablet. In just a few episodes or films, the flight will almost be over, leaving your wondering where the last few hours have disappeared to.

Grab a coffee for the flight

If you feel as though you need a pick me up before the flight, nothing will work better than a good coffee. If you are someone who has a subscription of coffee club, you are more than likely going to know what good coffee is all about. So make your choice and take it onto the plane with you. The warmth of the coffee and the smell will help you to sit back, relax and enjoy the flight.

Stretch Regularly

Even if the flight is only a short flight, you can often find that you spend the entire time wedged between two fellow passengers. Don’t allow this to happen by ensuring that you get up and take regular walks and stretches. This is beneficial to your health and can help you to prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis but also help you to ensure that you are not stuck in the same position for hours on end.