Knowing The Best Tips for Water Flossing – Doctors Guide

When it’s the time to replace the tips for your water flosser, you may get confused to choose the best ones. It’s actually understandable since their tons of water flosser tip options available in the market. It becomes more difficult since you may not only consider replacing the broken tips but also take another tip for different oral flossing functions. If you don’t know where to start, then you’re in the right place. This article aims to inform you best tips for water flossing by describing their uses so you can decide the ones that suit your need by the end of your reading.

1.Classic Jet Tip: The classic jet tip is meant to the standard tip for every day. It comes in the most water floss packages. It has as an orthodox function in cleaning inter-teeth gaps and gumline. However, the classic jet tip shouldn’t be replaced by other functions but with other classic jet tips every 6 months. You need a standard tip for quick use.

2. Plaque Seeker Tip: If the water floss is dealing with the plaque, what is this tip for? It’s for you who have the crown, implants, bridge, or simply veneers. It allows you to floss your teeth effectively in such conditions without damaging them and your teeth.

3. Orthodontic Tip: Now you wouldn’t have to get orthodontic treatment in a clinic, manufacturers have produced specific orthodontic tip for the braces. The classic tip may not get along with the areas which are hard to reach. The orthodontic tip comes with a tapered brush which effectively washes the plaque and debris from the braces.

4. Toothbrush Tip: IF you’re looking for one solution of brushing and flossing, then you should have toothbrush tip. It allows you to both water floss and brushes your teeth at the time. You can also apply the toothpaste if you want.

5. Pocket Tip: If you have periodontal pockets where the inter-teeth gaps are wider, then you should consider purchasing pocket tip in your water floss artillery. The pocket tip is specifically designed to deep clean the pockets which can’t be performed by a standard tip. However, you need to replace the pocket tip more regularly which is per three months.

6. Tongue Cleaner: Instead of having a separable item, having tongue cleaner tip could be a good idea. Tongue cleaner tip aims to remove the bacteria living in your tongues.

7. Nasal Spray Tip: Well, since your water floss apt is interchangeable it’s okay to have versatile and unique tips. This nasal spray tip is actually built to clean away the sinus and nose in an effective way. It’s completely optional to have nasal spray tip but this tip seems to require a longer interval to replace. If you’re traveling a lot, this nasal spray tip is highly recommended.

First of all, replace your existing broken tips, their functions are replaceable. Then consider the other functions described above, you can simply add the ones which suit your dental needs to your water floss tip collection. The best tips for water floss should refer to the extensive benefits of dental health care.