Kids and drugs – where do they get them and why?

As many as 40% of high school seniors will have taken drugs in the last year. Many younger high school students also experiment with drugs and alcohol. That is a huge number of kids who could end up facing serious addiction issues. Of course, not every young person who drinks or takes drugs on occasion becomes addicted, but other problems can result from regular usages, such as driving under the influence.

One of the biggest problems is that it’s often not that difficult for kids to get access to drugs and alcohol. Once they start down this road, it’s possible that they could become addicted or that regular use could have an adverse effect on their education and future.

Access to drugs at home and school

Access to drugs and alcohol is often easiest at home and school. Teen dealers target kids at school and it’s often difficult to control this type of activity. If you have any concerns that there might be an issue at your kid’s school, you need to alert the Principal to your concerns.

Many kids start by taking prescription drugs which can often be accessed in the home. If you have drugs such as Xanax on prescription make sure that they are stored safely. You should also ensure that your teens do not have access to large amounts of alcohol in your home. Be sensible about how you deal with the alcohol situation; do not demonize it but explain the issues that it can cause.

Kids can also buy drugs on the Internet; many deals take place among teenagers. It can be very difficult to know what your teenager is doing online but having regular discussions about their online life may help. If they are overly secretive, there could be some cause for concern.

Why do kids take drugs?

You may think that kids take drugs, or drink alcohol, as a means of rebelling. This may be true in some cases, but even something as simple as being bored can cause a young person to start experimenting with drugs. For some people, addiction happens easily even though the original attraction was the lack of something better to do. Other reasons for kids to experiment with drugs and alcohol include:

  • Pressure from other kids.
  • Lack of self-esteem.
  • To escape from reality.
  • To bond with others.

Every young person could potentially experiment with drugs or alcohol. This may not cause them any problems, but for some, it can be a real issue. If you think your teenager is having issues with drugs, you should speak to them rationally. You may also need to seek help from experts such as Fourth Dimension Recovery Center. They can help you with recovery advice and information that can help your teenager get control of their life.

Many people experiment with drugs and alcohol when they are young. This does not always result in problems, but it can; from accidents while driving under the influence to fighting and addiction. It’s important that you pay attention to your kids and try to recognize changes in behavior that could suggest issues with drugs or alcohol, such as increased irritability, poor performance at school or lack of interest in personal appearance. Speak to them about any concerns that you have, and get help if you need it.