How to Serve The Perfect Glass of Wine

Written by: Toddjhernandez

Nothing beats a cold glass of perfect wine. You savor every sip, and if you are not very careful, you might end up having one too many. In this article though we are going to learn how to serve just one perfect glass of wine. If you are like me, you have by now noticed that limiting yourself to one glass makes it even sweeter. Serving a glass of wine sounds as simple as taking the bottle and pouring the drink into a glass. In contrast, it’s more than that if you factor in the preparation needed to ensure a mouthwatering glass of wine. This article will teach the steps to follow to serve tasty wine. Let’s dive right in.

· Chill your wine You must keep your wine cold so that you can serve it chilled. There is no way around this. To achieve this, keep the wine in the refrigerator. What if you are outdoors, maybe at a picnic or having a party in the woods? This is the juncture at which you have to use a wine cooler. Wine coolers work as well as a refrigerator by chilling your drink to the right temperature.
· Cool your glass Yes, you heard me, right! Cooling the wine glass ensures the glass doesn’t interfere with the temperature of the wine. You should, therefore, chill your glass for not less than ten minutes before you serve the wine. At the same time, a chilled glass ensures the perfect glass of wine remains cooler for long.
· Serve in the right glass Wine drinking protocol dictates that every wine has a specific bottle. You should serve red wine in large glasses and a white wine in a medium glass that has a u-shaped bowl. Serving wine in the right glass is vital as this preserves the flavor, which is one way to ensure a perfect glass of wine. You should, therefore, make sure you have the right glass for the wine you intend to serve.
· Taste the wine to test it Ensure your wine is faultless by tasting it before serving. You do this by swirling a little of your wine in a glass and smell it before tasting to make sure the flavor is right. If you think the wine will not give you a perfect glass to drink, you can go for another flavor or try chilling it some more.
· Pour the right amount of wine. Did you know there is a reason wine is not poured to the brim? The reason is to enable you to swirl your wine before you drink. Swirling brings out the aroma and flavor of your wine, making it tastier and enjoyable to drink. To serve a perfect glass of wine, pour it about a third way to the brim.
The Bottom Line We have learnt everything you need to serve the perfect glass of wine. There is no excuse now why you can’t serve that refreshing drink. Not even being outdoors will be a defense since we have seen you can use a wine cooler to chill your wine as perfectly. Chill the wine as well as the glass, taste test it, and use the right glass. Lastly, pour the right amount to allow aeration and enhance the taste.