How To Maximize Muscle Recovery After You Workout

There are several ways to maximize muscle recovery after your workouts.


After an intense workout, your muscles will need to cool down and recover. To help reduce soreness and increase flexibility you can massage your muscles after working out. It’s important to massage as soon as you finish exercising to encourage better muscle recovery and reduce inflammation. You can do this at home with a foam body roller or find a massage therapist Pasadena CA. Massages improve your circulation and assist with flushing out waste and toxins from your body.


When you exercise, your body will sweat to release water and salt. This helps your body stay cool but at the same time, causes you to lose water. When you are dehydrated, muscles will not be able to repair themselves and your joints will be more prone to friction. Without enough water, you may be prone to feeling lethargic or even dizzy. Be sure to drink plenty of water after a workout to replenish your body. You can also try low-sugar post-workout drinks that include potassium and sodium to prevent muscles from cramping. It is especially important to stay hydrated while working out in the humidity or heat.


Your muscles will need the energy required to begin recovering after an intense workout. You should refuel your body with a protein-filled snack shortly after completing your workout routine. Protein will provide your body with amino acids needed to repair and build muscles. You will also need to restore carbohydrates in your body after burning all that energy. Try sticking to carbs in the form of whole-grain bread and organic rice instead of filling up on sugary white bread.

To encourage better muscle growth and recovery, it is very important to follow up every exercise with the proper post-workout routine.