How To Identify HPV: Signs And Symptoms

HPV stands for Human Papilloma Virus. This is a virus responsible for causing genital warts and the cervical cancer in women. Unfortunately, the presence of this virus can go unnoticed for long periods of time till the signs of the infection are detected.

On the other hand, the warts are noticed physically though they cause no pain or harm to one’s health and wellness such that sometimes they are just ignored for a while.

Both males and females can carry the virus and can acquire it without being aware hence spreading the virus through different means unknowingly.

Here are some of signs and symptoms as well as ways of recognizing their presence.

Predisposing Factors

Predisposing factors are the ways through which the virus is spread from one person to the other. This is grouped among the signs and symptoms of HPV as it is spread easily through them. One of them is new sexual partner. Once you have a new sexual partner, have it at the back of your mind that you are also getting into contact with all the people the person has had a sexual relationship with.

This opens a way for the HPV virus to get into your body. Also, having multiple sexual partners is a warning sign for HPV presence in your body. This is because you have high chances of getting the virus from any of the individuals or a mixture of strains from them.

In addition, sharing of combs, nail files, shavers, towels and other private items predisposes you to the HPV virus. If this is common in your life, it is a warning sign for the possible presence of the virus in your body systems.

Presence Of Warts

Presence of warts in any parts of the body is an eminent sign of the presence of the HPV virus in the body systems. The ones on the upper and lower limbs as well as on the face are harmless and just need a wart removal remedy to have them cleared. On the other hand, genital warts should raise concerns over other possible health risks. These warts can be recognized in both men and women in different ways. These are:

Genital Warts In Men

These warts appear in men few weeks after sexual contact with an infected individual. They commonly appear on the penis, thighs, groin, and scrotum as well as on the anus. They are usually painless hence can easily be ignored. They can either assume a cauliflower shape, flat or even a lump on the skin. These warts appear as single or in clusters.

It is important to note that the HPV virus is responsible for anal cancer in male individuals. In this case, an anal pap smear is important in order to detect it early.

Genital Warts In Women

Genital warts in women are painless hence many times they are ignored. However, they are a real cause of concern as they are a prime indicator of the HPV in the body system and an indication of a possibility of the individual getting cervical cancer.

These warts can be acquired even without actual sexual intercourse or from protected sexual intercourse as they are spread by skin to skin contact. Thus contact with the scrotum of a partner may lead to genital warts.

These warts appear most of the time on the vulva which is the outer genital part of a woman, the groin, and anus together with the area around the virginal opening.

Presence Of Protrusions On The Skin

The presence of any protrusions on the skin is a real cause of concern. This is because they might be warts developing on the area. Instead of ignoring it, visit your doctor for a early diagnosis as they might be warts caused by HPV.