How to Enjoy Your Yard Without Worrying About Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is no laughing matter for most homeowners that live in areas where ticks are prevalent. Once you catch it, even after the symptoms are gone, spirochetes from the infection will remain with you forever.

Fortunately, now that the disease is known, there are ways to clear your yard of any type of tick that might cause problems for your family.

Here are a few tips on keeping your yard and family clear of ticks:

Ensure that your lawn and vegetation is kept cut to proper levels:

When they are not trying to hitch a ride or feed on animals, ticks tend to avoid areas that are dry or where the sun does not penetrate. Keeping you yard clear of debris and your plants from being overgrown is a good start to depriving them of a habitat that they like. Keeping your lawn trimmed will also give them less of a comfort zone if they do try and hide in your grass.

Consider maintenance or removal services by a professional:

Some professional insect removal firms have a strong track record of removing ticks from your yard. One of the ways that ticks get into your yard is when wildlife moves through it. As many people have taken the time to fence their yards, it can seem odd that there is still a problem with ticks in their yard until you consider the fact that most mice are too small to be bothered by any fence or barrier that you use to keep animals out. Mosquitosquad is an example of a tick control company that recognizes that type of threat and uses strips to attract the mice that are in your yard. Once the mice arrive at the strips, they will pull treated cotton from them and take it back to their nests. The treated cotton therefore finds its way to the ticks and kills them.

Create or buy a tick block for your family:

Dogs and cats around your home should have flea and tick collars at all times. For yourself and your children, there are several effective tick repellent and tick treatment products on the market. If you prefer to use natural products to ward off ticks, you can mix citric acid with water in a mild concentration and use it as a repellent instead.

Ticks are a perennial problem in some suburbs, but they do not have to be omnipresent or harmful to you or your family. With proper maintenance and protection, your family can enjoy your yard year-round.