How to Change Your Life

We all want to be happy. Pursuit of happiness is a natural thing for all humans and nobody is an exception to that. We all want to be happy because unhappiness means depression and nobody wants to be depressed. How is it possible then that some people seem to live fulfilled lives while others spend their days in tears not motivated to do anything?

We all know that money doesn’t give happiness. It might give you more possibilities to be happy, but the best things in life are free. If money gave happiness, then some of the happiest people should live in countries such as USA, England, Canada or Norway, but this is seldom the case. The number of people taking antidepressants in those countries keeps growing with each year. If money isn’t the answer, then what is really?

Happiness can mean different things to different people. If you want to change your life and be happier as the result of it, you will want to ask yourself some very important questions: namely what makes you happy. If the answer to this question was so simple there wouldn’t be so many depressed individuals in Western countries.

To me, being happy means several things: being loved, having a loving family, having faith in the right things, being physically fit, having enough time to dedicate to my hobbies, etc. It is the combination of all those things that make me a fulfilled and joyous person that I am. But I know that it took me a while to realize what makes me happy and I still keep discovering newer and newer things every day.

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