How Paying Attention to Color Can Affect Your Health

Have you ever looked at a color and wondered why it evokes a certain emotion out of you? The reason is because color has a psychological effect on the brain. A color of paint on your wall can have as much an effect on your mood as the color of food that you’re eating will play into how you think it tastes or how it should taste.

If you’re going through life unaware of the effect that the colors around actually have on you, you’re making a big mistake. Start to pay attention to the colors that surround you and the things you’re feeling. Here’s how paying attention to color can and will affect your health:


You’ll Be Able to Invoke Peace

Colors that are on the cool side of the spectrum like blues and greens and violet are the colors associated with water, the ocean, or a frozen lake. What makes a cool color is a color that feels like it’s receding away from you as you look at it. These colors invoke peace because you’re not being overstimulated by bright hues that activate the mind. A grey, a light blue, or a green that reminds you of nature will calm the spirit and mind and make you feel relaxed.

If you’re feeling like your life is leaving you a bit overstimulated, paint the interior of your home in these colors. When you come home from a busy day, the atmosphere will contribute to you being able to let the stress go.

You Can Dress to Make Yourself and Others Feel A Certain Way

Seeing as colors have a powerful way of affecting the emotions of those who gaze upon them, you can control how you’re feeling on a day to day basis by wearing the right ones. This will also make other people happy. If you have a tendency to feel jittery and anxious, try donning blue, purple, or a pastel pink. If you’re constantly in need of a pick me up, try wearing orange. If you want others to be able to hang out with you and not be overwhelmed by looking at the color of your shirt, go with a nice green.

You’ll Know It’s All in Your Head
In the end, the effect of color on your health all has to do with psychology. If you are aware of what it’s doing to you, you can better manipulate your surroundings to give yourself the mental boost that you need. If you or your children won’t eat certain food because it’s colored a certain way, you could know that it’s in your head and the food will actually taste amazing, or you could throw in a little food dye to fool yourself or the kids.