Fun Summer Activities You Can Do Alone

Summer is a great time to get out of the house and be adventurous. There are always pool parties and barbecues to attend, but feeling pressured into spending every free moment with friends and family can be hard. Whether you are an introvert, or simply need a break from your fast-paced friend group, here are some ideas for fun activities you can do alone.

Explore a New Town

Look on a map and find a town that you’ve never heard of, or one that you have driven through but never stopped to explore. Spend an afternoon walking around downtown. Have lunch at a popular restaurant, or go on a hunt for the best iced coffee. Learn about the history and find a few landmarks. It’s the perfect low-key outing that might just lead you to a new favorite place you can share with your friends.

Watch a Guilty Pleasure Movie

Head to the movie theater and watch that movie you’ve been secretly interested in, or put on an old favorite that your friends don’t like. Buy your favorite snacks and drinks, a pillow or blanket, and settle in for two hours of cozy, guilt-free movie watching. 

Visit Your Local Farmers Market

Spend a morning at the farmers market walking through stalls of fruits, veggies, and handcrafts. It’s a great way to support small businesses, and going alone gives you the freedom to follow your own agenda. If you find a vendor you like, learn more about their business and how you can support them. 

Summer can be hectic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t slow down and spend time on your own. You don’t have to be bored, either. Do what you love, regardless of whether or not your friends are interested, and you are sure to have a memorable summer.