Four Tips To Getting Healthy After Addiction

You did it! You managed to beat addiction and you made it through all of the steps of recovery. But now what do you do? Addiction can take a huge toll on your mind and body, so you need to make some major life changes even beyond recovery.

Change Your Habits To Good Ones

Sometimes bad habits you had as an addict can work to lead you back down the path to addiction, so it’s important to try to wean yourself off certain things. If smoking was a habit you had when you were an alcoholic it may be important to stop smoking to help you with recovery. It’s also a good thing to do for your overall health.

You may also want to drop people that are bad habits. If you have some “friends” you hung out with just to get high you may want to reconsider your friendship with them. They are likely to lead you back down the path to drug abuse and addiction if you don’t cut them out of your life.

Eat Healthier

A healthy diet is perfect for anything that ails you. Nutrition therapy can help you from the beginning of your recovery. Healthy food and the right foods can make a huge difference in your health.

Certain fruits and vegetables have vitamins and minerals that can do amazing things for heart health and even brain health. Load up on Omega 3 fatty acids to help your brain recover from the effects of drugs. Eat antioxidant rich fruits to help clean toxins from your body, and your liver.

Find A Hobby

Your hobby may be one of the biggest things that help you stay sober. In fact, depending on where you went to get clean you may have done things like yoga and art therapy. Take those homes with you and continue doing them as a hobby.

A hobby can keep your mind off of your former addiction, so if you have found something, even in recovery, that helps keep your hands and mind busy that you enjoyed, start doing it at home.

Start A Fitness Routine

Another great hobby to start is exercise. Fitness can open up areas in your brain that some of the drugs you may have taken affected. You can get a natural high after a jog or brisk walk when your brain releases endorphins.

That healthy high can be just the thing you need to turn your life around. Whether you prefer walking, yoga, a team sport, or you join a gym, this can help keep you busy so that drugs and alcohol are the last things on your mind.

You can get healthy again after addiction. You just need to be driven to succeed and stay healthy.