Diabetic Neuropathy Supplements Reported as the Better Choice for Neuropathy Patients

With over 110 million individuals either living with diabetes, pre-diabetic or suffering from metabolic syndrome in the US alone, the scare of neuropathy or nerve damage development in diabetes is a constant scare. Out of every six people with pre-diabetes one will end up with neuropathy. Around 60-70 percent of diabetics will suffer from a type of neuropathy as reported by the National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse. Those with symptomatic diabetic peripheral neuropathy usually have the nerves ferrying and distributing messages from the spinal cord to the brain and the entire body either diseased or damaged. According to a recent research on neuropathic developments, diabetic neuropathy supplements are having arguably the best effect on the condition.

Intricate network

Without a doubt peripheral nerves are critical and make up a complex network connecting most of the body with the brain, from internal organs, skin, muscles and the spinal cord among others. From the spinal cord, peripheral nerves fall into lines within the human body known as dermatomes. If a nerve is damaged, the result is an effect on a number of dermatomes that can be clearly established in certain parts of the body. As the nerves are damaged, there’s an interrupted communication between areas of the body and the brain.  As a result, muscle movement is impaired, normal sensation is diminished across the legs and arms causing serious pain.

Foremost diabetic neuropathy supplements

NutriNerve is one of the foremost diabetic neuropathy supplements designed for the management of painful tingling and burning sensations related to neuropathy. It addresses the root of the problem as compared to treating the symptoms as many treatments do.  A natural supplement and formulation of Aaron Vinik M.D., Ph.D., F.C.P., FAC.P., the Strelitz Diabetes Neuroendocrine Center at Eastern Virginia Medical School, NutriNerve patented formula attacks the condition at the cellular level. This allows the body to restore and rebuild health to the nerves while repairing signal transmission to the nerves and enhancing microvascularity.

Dr. Aaron Vinik, as reported in Medscape Medical News, elaborated that while the only approved agents for symptomatic diabetic peripheral neuropathy treatment within the United States are pregabalin and duloxetine, they hardly have an effect on nerve conduction and manifest active mechanisms that aren’t related to the diabetic neuropathy pathophysiology; they address pain relief only.

However, NutriNerve, which contains a-lipoic acid among other diverse diabetic neuropathy natural supplements, enhances lots of neuropathic symptoms if treated at the required length of time. This makes NutriNerve, according to Medscape Medical News, a hugely effective treatment for patients who suffer from painful diabetic symptoms and neuropathy like burning, tingling and numbness. Accordingly, the skin is not as dry, nails not as brittle and there’s observable growth of hair.

Encourages the body to heal itself

As a unique diabetic neuropathy supplement, NutriNerve has been specifically formulated to ensure the body is able to begin healing itself, support health of the nerves and lower the suffering and pain any neuropathic patient goes through.

Nerve pain is crippling and the diabetic can have his or her mobility severely limited.  In a four year study, NutriNerve active ingredients if taken two times a day provide the patient with clinically meaningful change and improvement that delays neuropathy progress and the body easily tolerates the treatment.