There are millions of blogs out there, so the competition is very steep. In order to have a lot of visitors you need to have a valuable blog. In my opinion, a valuable blog is a blog that has high quality posts, and to have high quality posts, you have to be determined to write such posts. It might sound obvious, but there is a big difference when it comes to intentions and determination behind writing posts. For example, some people are only writing posts out of boredom, only for the sake of money, or because they promised their friends or families. Of course, their blog might be high quality, but it will not last long without the proper motivation behind writing posts. I encourage all of you to consider once again what your motives behind your blog are. Over time such an approach might improve the overall quality of your posts.

Anyway, the question what makes a high quality content has been asked many times in the blogosphere. While there are many answers to this question, there is a rule that I think is quite logical. Quality is often comparatively determined. This is true in any niche where there is competition. There will be always someone who has the highest quality content, and someone with the lowest quality content, simply because you can compare their blogs as they are in the same niche. I will not discuss any specific ways to judge which content is of higher quality, but you need to remember that you are competing with other blogs, and even other types of websites with similar topic to yours. You should also be aware that the standards of writing might be completely different, depending on a particular niche.