Dangers Of Using Nootropics For The Long Term

Are certain nootropics safe to use for the long term? Studies go to show that the compound that has been naturally derived can have a positive effect on the depression symptoms, the mood, focus, and also on weight loss. It is a natural precursor to the compound Serotonin, these health boosters have been extracted from the amino acid named l-Tryptophan. This is naturally derived by the body from certain foods they consume.

How do these nootropics work?

These health boosters have been derived from the Griffonia seeds, which mostly grows in West and Central Africa. However, many people have been consuming these performance boosters without knowing this fact all through their lives. You can also find the compound in the foods that contain Tryptophan. These include eggs, poultry, some vegetables and fish. When people consume these foods, they can find an increase in the Serotonin levels in their bodies. Serotinin-5 is necessary for a healthy gut as well as for other cognitive functions such as sleep, memory, and logical reasoning. When there is an imbalance in the levels of Serotonin, you could also find that it would result in depression in a person.



The effects of the nootropics

The extract of the Griffonia plant is easily bioavailable. It can also easily cross the barrier of the blood brain. Once the liver processes this nootropic, this compound enters the brain and converts directly to Serotonin. It would later be converted into extra Melatonin. Furthermore, these two elements make rest and sleep easier, induce elevated mood, and block stress messages. Since many of the challenging symptoms for anxiety and depression sufferers are the ability to get some good sleep and the management of stress, these health boosters help them get relief from these two situations.

Is it safe to stack the nootropics?

Those people, who are suffering from depression and severe disorders, end up taking several medicines to try and treat themselves. Just like it is the case with any other new therapy, it is important to, however, consider as to how one medication will react with another. You should avoid taking these health boosters in case you are already taking in medicines such as SSRI or MAOI. Otherwise, it may cause acute Serotonin syndrome in a person. It can even be fatal or risky when a person is faced with such a condition and should not be taken lightly since it may further cause too much nerve cell inhibition and result in side-effects such as arrhythmia, mental fog, depression, headache, heavy sweating, and even nausea.

The dosages of the nootropics

The long-term use of 5-HTP can cause all these effects or even when they are taken indiscriminately. You should also avoid taking these health boosters if you are suffering from Parkinson’s disease and are currently undergoing medication. You should avoid taking in more than 300 milligrams of these health boosters per day and that is the recommended dosage, beyond which you may see fatal side-effects. You should use these nootropics very carefully, failing which it could be very risky for you.