Custom Antibody Production: What Is It About?

When you heard the work antibodies, what comes into your mind? Those who are in the medical and health field would know that it has something to do with immunology. But, when somebody mentions custom antibodies, which is among the newest discoveries in medicine today, only few people know it.

First, we define antibody.

What Are Antibodies?

It is actually an immunoglobulin produced by plasma cells, a subtype of white blood cells. It is a protein with a Y shape that responds whenever foreign materials (antigens) invade our body. Examples of which include viruses and bacteria. Every antibody is different from the rest as it contains a specific “paratope” to match a specific “epitope” seen on antigens. Think of a lock and key model. The antibody should perfectly bind the antigen to be able to resist possible infection.

Antibodies are only produced when the body encounters a foreign material. This is a natural process that takes place in the body. But do you know that now you can actually make antibodies outside of or bodies?

What Are Custom Antibodies?

Custom antibodies were first mentioned in studies done in the 80s. To support Darwin’s theory of evolution, scientists like Jeremy Cherfas and John Gribbin have introduced a new technique to study the evolution process. They collected blood serum protein and introduced it into an animal, specifically a research rabbit. The animal was able to detect the foreign material injected into his body and started producing antibodies that are very much specific to individual proteins.

Importance and Use of Custom Antibodies

Custom antibodies are definitely one of the newest and most significant developments in the field of science and medicine. Though the studies of professionals are still continuous, scientists were able to mention important situations where these antibodies can bring incredible use.

Topping the list is its use in medicine. Custom antibodies are very helpful in performing research. Specific antibodies are produced to adopt certain conditions. The level of reaction indicates the scope of evolutionary relationship. This can definitely speed up the search and production of proteins to cure diseases.

If someone is infected with a bacteria, the body will readily produce antibodies, If the antibodies are detected on time, physicians can immediately give treatments before the condition gets worse.

Scouting for the Best Custom Antibodies Online

There are several companies worldwide that is doing a custom antibody production. This is a work that demands extensive research and special set up.

If you are looking for custom antibodies for whatever reason you may have, it is best to do searches online. There are several custom antibody suppliers that have been divided into 3 different kinds. They are DNA, recombinant proteins, and peptides. If you know a group of specific areas that offer antibody products, go and check the site immediately.

Hopefully, after you have read this article, you have gained more information about custom antibody. But be very careful if you want to buy one. Choose the right company by checking reviews. If all is well, go and give it a good try!