Curing Cancer

It was Socrates who once said that if there is an illness there must be a cure for it somewhere and we haven’t found it yet. Those words are very true when it comes to cancer. While there is no cure for it, there are many people actively engaged in finding it.

One of the places where cancer is being looked into and carefully investigated is France and in particular this cancer center in France. It is no wonder that this is the case since France for many years was home to some of the greatest people who dedicated their lives to the study of radiology to the point that they themselves died of radiation. I am thinking here about Madame Curie and her husband Pierre. In fact, Marie Curie died of cancer resulting from radiation when she was in her sixties, but her contribution to the science and radiology in particular will never be forgotten. She was the first woman ever to receive a Noble Prize and inspired many more to walk in her footsteps.

These days, cancer care in France is more advanced than ever as there are many teams actively working on the research particularly in the capital city. It is no wonder then because they have a lot of inspiration to draw from such as Madame Curie herself. Every day brings them closer to solving the great mystery of cancer, and every day they are able to cure or at least postpone the more advanced forms of it.

Although at this stage there is no complete cure for cancer, the disease itself can be prevented if spotted on early. As a matter of fact, the earlier it is spotted, the higher the chances of curing it. Some lifestyle modifications are also known to affect the chances of developing cancer and they include diet as well as the amount of physical activity a person engages in.