Creating a Healthy Living Space For Yourself

Some people want to be surrounded by space. Some people want to be surrounded by beautiful things. Some people want to be surrounded by familiarity. But when you focus on those kinds of things, you may lose track of the core essence behind what kind of a living space you want. And that is, you want a living space that is healthy!

So, you can take all of the other things that you like and wrap them in the concept of health. A few ways to do that with respect to your home or apartment would be to start with the overall area, fix up the outside as possible, create a calm room inside, and pay special attention to noise and light. By following that general pattern, you can create an amazing, healthy living space for yourself, and potentially other people living with you as well.

Start With the Area

Inside of your own definition of what is practical or intentional, you want to aim for living in an area that promotes health as you see fit. To do that, you can contact a property manager, you can talk to a real estate agent, or you can just drive around in a few different neighborhoods. The idea is that your healthy space ideally should be the centerpiece of a larger area that you feel comfortable in.

Fix Up the Outside

After you found an area that you’re good in, the next step will be to fix the exterior of this place is much as possible to create a healthy atmosphere. If you have purchased or are renting a house, this means doing things like landscaping, creating a nice curb appeal, and even cleaning up sidewalks and driveways to promote health. If you consider that emotional health is a part of your living environment, you will have a good target to aim for while you do this work.

Create a Calm Room

Inside of your healthy house, what you want to do is create a calm room or a calm space. This means getting rid of electronics, eliminating clutter, and creating comfortable places to sit, stand, or lie down. Sometimes your calm room can be a bedroom, whereas other times it might be some type of an office, as long as you make sure to hide the computer when you need to. Sometimes the healthiest thing for a person to do when they’re feeling stressed is just find a place to go and breathe. Creating this room is a great way to institute that theory.

Pay Special Attention To Noise and Light

One thing to pay close attention to is the amount of noise and light that comes into a particular environment. Studies have shown that too much noise or too much or too little light can cause frustration and anxiety. If you want to create healthy living space for yourself, noise and light have to be two of the primary things that you are attempting to control. Window shades and basic sound insulation go a long way to help you with this goal.