Changing The Look Of The Breasts

A breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that enhances the look of the breast. It can be performed because of deformities that are seen or because you want to have a larger breast size in order to give a boost to the self-esteem. The procedure is usually not lengthy, and there are breast augmentation Cary NC offices that will discuss the procedure in detail with the benefits and some of the risks that are involved.

This is a surgery that is often a permanent solution to your breast issues. Once the swelling from the surgery has gone down and you see the new breast size, you will often notice that you look better while wearing shirts and bathing suits. You will also have a more youthful appearance, which is one of the main reasons as to why many people have a breast augmentation. On the downside, the implants will need to be monitored to prevent any kind of leakage that might occur. At times, the implants might need to be replaced, especially as you get older.

The procedure is rather simple. You will be asleep during the surgery. The doctor will make a small incision under each breast. Tissue will be lifted in order to place the implant. The doctor will try to put the implant under the muscle so that it’s more secure and so that there is a decreased risk of any damage occurring to the implant. If you don’t want an implant placed, there is another option for the augmentation. The doctor can remove some of the fat in your body and place it in the breast. Liposuction is done in order to get the needed amount of fat to give you the breast size that you desire. This is sometimes a better method of the surgery as it doesn’t involve and artificial implant. The doctor is simply using a part of your own body in another area. Implants are usually either filled with saline, which is salt water, or silicone, which is an elastic gel. Silicone implants are already filled to various sizes and shapes depending on what you want the breasts to look like.