Bone density matters in bodybuilding

The gradual change in an individual’s physique as well as increase in strength is one of the reasons for the popularity of bodybuilding as a sport. In most cases, the changes in the body are long term and quite beneficial especially to the muscles and even bones. Whenever the muscles in the body are made to face load resistance that is more than usual, it results in the pulling on the bones. As this happens over time, the bones tissue becomes stronger and bigger. Even so, moderate training also contributes to increase in bone density and should not be underestimated.

Proper bodybuilding is usually a combination of dieting, exercise and weight training making it a good choice for people interested in improving their body composition or competitive sports. Its wide array of benefits includes increase of bone density which in turn helps to prevent the development of diseases like arthritis or osteoporosis. Since bodybuilding is considered to be one of the most effective ways for those looking to increase their bone mass, it is important to have an idea of the various ways through which one can increase their bone mass. Some of the proven ways through which bodybuilding can be used to impact bone density include increase in the intensity of training, frequency of bodybuilding training and increase in repetitions in each session of training.

Impact of testosterone on bone density

In general, bone density is greatly improved through body building but for many men it is a good way of countering the effects of testosterone deficiency. This particular deficiency affects the bone mass resulting in it being lower than required in the body. It mostly occurs in men because their skeletons are much larger than those of women meaning that they start losing their bone density much later. In most cases, the main reason for low bone density is the decrease of testosterone which is used to maintain the skeleton of males. The hormone is able to stimulate the production of minerals in the bones as well as decreasing the rate of bone resorption.

Since the decrease in bone density begins after thirty years of age for most men, it is advisable to get involved in activities that help increase bone density to avoid developing testosterone deficiency. However, in case of the presence of hypo gonadal osteoporosis in the body due to low testosterone levels, there are treatments that involve the use of vitamin D as well as calcium to better manage the condition. A combination of the treatments with bodybuilding exercises increases the chances of increasing bone density over time resulting in healthy bodies in the long run.

Ways to combat low bone density

The best way to fight low bone density is by increasing the testosterone level in body. There are some good natural testosterone boosters like Nettle root, Ginseng, Oyster, Zinc to name a few. You can also opt for ready-made testosterone supplements available in market like Prime Male Testosterone booster which is made completely from natural ingredients.

Overall, it is important to keep in mind that bone density and bodybuilding go hand in hand if you are to see positive changes in the body. However, seek professional advice when doing weight training exercises to avoid injuries or straining of bone muscles. In addition, eat a balanced diet that has both vitamin D as well as calcium to assist in better bone growth over time.