Best Zero Gravity Recliner 2015 for Home Use with Massaging System

Looking for best zero gravity recliner 2015, you can view our list which describe all the good things about these recliner chairs.

  1. Human Touch zero gravity recliner: the design is made in contemporary which good for most home that want to have the perfect chair. It has lumbar headrest that could be adjusted as your need. Doing recline position to zero gravity is helped by railing made from nickel plate to make it smoother. However the other material is very eco friendly since it is made from parawood that made by experienced craftsmen while the upholstery is made with premium leather.
  2. Frontgate zero gravity recliner: this chair is able to support up to 300 pounds weight do to the use of aluminum frame with tubular design. For the mattress they use acrylic or even PVC textile fabric which quick to dry when you wash it. The headrest could be removed when needed.
  3. Bliss zero gravity recliner: for your poolside use, this chair from hammocks will give the best style. It is design ergonomically to ensure the best comfort that able to match with your body contour with locking system that help to stabilize the position.
  4. Panasonic zero gravity massage chair: for your comfort this chair is completed with massage system that has been developed since the sixties. They will scan your body to ensure the Junetsu massage could be given in the right key point with its quad rollers. That way you can customize the massage to your body contour including the spine and back area which sensitive and need more pressure.
  5. Osaki zero gravity recliner: this chair comes with new massaging system that able to imitate the pressure given by human thumb. Their S track system is also helpful to follow the contour of your body rightfully so it would be more comfortable to use.