Benefits of Sleep

Everyone needs sleep, but the amount and quality of sleep that people get greatly varies. The number of hours that people need to sleep per night depends on factors such as age. However, things such as stress levels, schedules, and certain medical conditions can dictate how much good quality sleep someone gets. Here are some of the benefits of getting quality sleep. 

Immune System Boost

Getting enough sleep is great for the immune system, which is the system in the body that is in charge of fighting germs and viruses that cause sicknesses such as the common cold and more. Having a sleep deficit built up over a long period of time can make it easier to become ill, and more difficult to battle those illnesses. So while it may seem like a good idea to cut sleep short in order to boost productivity levels, that can backfire in the end by making you ill for a few days or longer. 

Blood Sugar Improvements

Sleep helps regulate the levels of blood sugar in the body, which is especially important for people who have diabetes. However, keeping blood sugar levels from becoming too high or too low is beneficial for everyone, even those without a pre-existing condition. Beds come in a wide variety of sizes, from twin to full mattresses in Chicago to queen, so make sure you select what is most comfortable for you in order to ensure quality sleep.

Better Mood

Sleeping and dreaming are two ways that the body processes stress and all of the emotions accumulated during the day. People who suffer from long-term insomnia have been shown to be at greater risk for mood disorders such as anxiety and depression. Getting enough sleep helps ensure that you are in the best possible mood. 

Keep these three benefits of sleep in mind when you next head to bed.