Battling Hair Loss Challenges- How Hair Transplants Help to overcome Baldness and Contended Emotional Wellness

No star prefers to stay bald in this modern competitive creative era. Being a Bollywood celebrity or a theatre artist it is mandatory to look smart and appealing in front of the camera because your success lies in your looks and appealing image. I have been a sufferer of genetic hair loss since my 20’s and faced a lot of dilemma in my career path. Previously, I was dependent on the wig, patches, and topic, but it was not a static solution for a long run. I heard a lot more things about hair transplantation, but I have a threat to apply the same as it is a surgical involvement that makes the possibility of hair root transfer from one location to the other. Our Bollywood industry is full of cosmetic surgery’s story and many of our friends went through a complex surgical procedure to restore or enhance their natural looks and beauty. The hair transplant procedure is such a plastic & cosmetic surgery that is not a complex one but involves the surgical application to some extent to fulfill the hair root’s extraction goal. I heard a word with one of my friends that advise me to go through the surgical procedure of hair restoration as it is a safe, painless and a result oriented and must opt to get rid the problem of baldness permanently.

What is the Procedure of Hair Transplantation?

The procedure of hair transplantation involves the hair follicle/root shifting from the donor area to the recipient bald portion via the hair root extraction, either by the FUT or FUE. The procedure starts with the extraction that lasts with the implantation is a combination of science and art. The artistic part shares 60% with the step of hairline design, slit formation as well as the implantation of hair roots finally into the receiving bald portion of the scalp. The extraction and dissection part of the procedure is a core surgical job that covers 40% of the surgery. However, the hair restoration procedure is a bit surgical job with the excision of the strip for getting hair follicles followed by the advanced closing with the Trichophytic closure technique to make the scar almost negligible after the procedure. The latter part of the surgery involves the artistic concerns with the hairline design, placement of the graft, as well as the formation of the slit to implant the grafts naturally.

The Significance of Hair Transplant Procedure is jotted down below:

  1. The Hair transplant procedure is a single permanent option to get over the problem of baldness as the roots are extracted from the DHT-resistant areas of the scalp, i.e., the back & sides of the scalp
  2. There are two scientifically proven techniques of the procedure, namely, the FUT hair transplant and the FUE hair transplant and their adoption is chosen as according to the patient’s state of hair loss, age, and the state and stability of the donor area
  3. The hair transplant procedure is an easy, safe, and painless procedure as Surgeon uses the local anesthesia before the extraction that effect go longer till the completion of the procedure
  4. The hair transplant procedure is scar less if the advanced closing technique is applied
  5. There is no need to take further follow-ups or medications once you get the restoration surgery because it is the only and permanent way to restore original hair via the regeneration of hair roots
  6. The dense-pack of hair with an enhanced facial appeal is possible with the hair transplantation
  7. It is a cost-effective decision as it requires only one time to get rid the problem, whereas medication needs to continue lifelong
  8. The procedure gives utmost natural outcomes by receiving the aesthetic hairline design performed by the expert hair Surgeon
  9. It is a confidence booster because one can get their original looks and beauty by receiving the natural hair from their own body
  10. There is no chance of side effects as the procedure performed with a patient’s own body hair to fulfill the graft needs to cover the particular bald area of the scalp.

What was I feeling when Bald and How my Emotional and Creative life was in Chaos?

It was a state of chaos. I was unable to make any creative decision. I always think twice before going ahead with a creative project. It was a state of emotional imbalance and the creative dilemma that hampered my professional growth in many ways. I was under a stressful condition that affected by creative decision ability. I lost a lot of lucrative projects and set me apart from the creative growth. I had no way and most of my day hours wasted to just sit idle and meaningless thought. I did take consultation with some psychologists in this regard as well. But, they also recommended me to receive the restoration procedure as it will boost my confidence and give the positive source to enhance my emotional well-being.

Experience of my Hair Transplant Surgery:

The day I reached clinic was a beginning of new life as well as my creative birth. I had a lot of questions, confusions, and doubt regarding the procedure, but 50% of them got cleared after reading the patients’ reviews that were posted on the reputed forums and restoration society’s network. 50% was still remaining and needed to be clarified. The practical experience clears the things predominantly that now I had to go through! My procedure was started with a local anesthesia that makes numbness onto the donor site from where the hair follicles are extracted. The step of the procedure started with the extraction for which Surgeon chooses the FUT hair transplant technique. They harvested the strip of the skin from the back and sides of the scalp that was further sent to the dissecting room. With the help of higher magnification of microscopes, technicians dissected the grafts minutely as every graft/hair follicle has a different number of roots and dissection made the possibility of getting the live hair roots separated. The separated hair roots are kept in saline water in order to avoid desiccation that is used in the implantation process. The harvested area of donor part was closed by the Trichophytic closure that was made in an overlapping pattern to make the scar completely unnoticeable. Meanwhile, Surgeon made the hairline design and the remaining part of the artistic job like slit formation to place the grafts naturally. After making the hairline design that confirms the natural pattern of hair regrowth the slit formation job is done where the hair roots are placed. The final step of the procedure was implantation job that closes the surgical hair restoration by placing the grafts into the allocated area in order to cover the bald area with full of hair roots.

After attaining the Regrowth of Hair- How my Emotional wellness improved and boosted my Creative Growth?

It has taken around almost a year to re-achieve the natural hair with an aesthetic-length to experience the results. My hair regrowth was completely natural and roots adopted the natural color, texture, length and quality despite being transplanted. I’m experiencing a dense-packed hair result with 3500-FUT grafts that is quite appreciable. Yes, Surgeon who performed my surgery is really a master of aesthetic sense to place the grafts in a very natural fashion. My front, top as well as the crown area, fully got covered with the hair roots so naturally that no one can say that it is a transplanted hair. I am enjoying my life with a creative passion and share a lot of creative engagement these days. After re-achieving my original look with a head full of hair my creative assignments increased and now I’m an on-demand actor in the Bollywood industry. Thanks to my hair transplant surgery for transforming my life, looks and creative career.

4 signs that tell me Emotional wellness improved and glorified my creative future:

  1. I am taking the project with a very positive aspect, which previously was a matter of chaos to make the creative decisions
  2. I am finding that I am full of creative energy and work potential that come after receiving the regrowth of hair on a bald scalp
  3. I am a calm and cool creative personality now who believes in the power of self-confidence
  4. I am full of creative ability and finding myself adaptable to every condition, role, and the task of life.