Anxiety Killer

The new age disease:

The century and especially the decades that we live in are well known for the effect that the modern times have caused us humans. As far as the humans are concerned, they are prone to the sickness of comparisons. They compare themselves with the neighbours and are very much taken by the materialistic luxury that others possess and want the same or better for ourselves which precisely is the reason for the killer disease cad anxiety that has caught us in its grip. There are many remedies that can be used for the sickness but they show a short term relief such as medications that the psychiatrist prescribes or the meditation programs that the yoga gurus teach us. When you leave it even for a short while, the ill effects can be felt in no time and take the person back to the where it all started. Here is where the nutritional supplements and the amino acids that are essential come to our rescue. When some of these are lacking or in short supply to the brain, the symptoms of anxiety and agony can be felt but the use of the supplements can prevent that from happening in future.

Anxious no more:

It is proved scientifically that the food that we take is what affects our brain chemistry and certain foods can calm the mind and keep it relaxed. When the required supplements cannot be had from the food, they have to be supplied from outside in the form of pills or powders. Here one such supplement is picamilon which helps to relieve anxiety and to make you feel calm and happy.

To know more about it click here to see all the details. It helps in elevating the mood; it makes you sleep peacefully and is able to make you calm and unhurried. The supplement is named picamilon and it consists of nicotinyl Y amino butyric acid, an amino acid essential for anti anxiety and to alleviate depression. The good news is that it prevents anxiety even before it can take hold on you.

The benefits:

The benefits of the supplement are quite many such as it can make you alert and calm at the same time, which takes place without making you lethargic and sleepy which is quite possible with the chemical medications the psychiatrists prescribe. It reduces stress, which is well associated with anxiety, it improves focus and helps in concentration, and it also improves blood flow through the system which is essential for the cells to get the required amount of oxygen. This will in turn increase physical activity without feeling dull and lazy and also less painful. It improves cognitive processes and keeps you alert but not jittery or hyperactive as would the other medications and make you feel low as fast.

Brain nutrition:

The supplement is made of two molecules such as GABA and the vitamin niacin and is nutrition for the brain cells or the neurons. The vitamin niacin carried GABA to the respective cells and makes it calm. It does make you feel a little drowsy at the beginning of the process but it should change as you continue using it. The neurons that get overly charged and make you feel nervous and helpless is controlled and the panic attacks of emotions also get controlled and a balanced mind is what results as you take the supplement.

It improves the flow of blood to the central nervous system, and this will increase the flow of oxygen to the brain tissues. It will help to click here to see the other details elaborately.