Anabolic supplements Vs Metabolic supplements – which one should you choose?

Supplements are a common topic of discussion among fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts looking for ways to improve their performance in and out of the gym. The supplements available in the market are quite varied and are usually categorized into two, namely anabolic and metabolic. These two types of supplements are quite popular despite their differences, with each of them having their merits or demerits. It is therefore important to understand them properly before making the decision on the best one for you. Nevertheless, it is important to consult a nutritionist or physician as well to make the best decision on these supplements.

Anabolic supplements

Anabolic supplements commonly known as Steroids are used to quicken the results that are commonly sought for in bodybuilding which is the building of body muscles. These supplements have certain ingredients that when combined with an intense workout result in the development of muscles. The main ingredient is usually male androgens that are designed to emulate hormones such as testosterone which help the muscles reach the size or weight required. However, it is good to note that some anabolic supplements are not good for the body and should thus be used with care to avoid any negative side effects in the long run.

Most anabolic supplements are used in a number of forms which include powder, pills or even injections. The best time to use these synthetic supplements is when seeking heightened performance so that you can have an edge over others especially in physical training or in sports. Another reason for the supplements is to remain physically fit and in this case they should be combines with proper dieting as well as physical training. Finally, taking anabolic supplements can be used to build self esteem in areas where performance is low. The supplements can help in building a great physique thus contributing to higher self-esteem.

Nowadays, there are safer alternatives which imitate the effects of steroids and do not have any negative effects. CrazyBulk is one such supplement provider.

Metabolic supplements

Metabolic supplements are mostly made from natural ingredients and are usually introduced as part of the diet to increase the body’s rate of metabolism. These supplements are considered to be much safer although the result of their use on the body is much more gradual than their anabolic counterparts. In most cases, the supplements increase body heat resulting in boosted metabolism so that more calories are burned off thereby reducing unwanted fat in the body. Metabolic supplements are widely accepted and are sold in a number of health stores both online and at stores in physical buildings. However, it is still important to do some research on them before making a purchase and incorporating them into your diet.

The use of metabolic supplements is varied but they are commonly used to increase the rate of metabolism for those suffering from slow metabolism. If you are looking to increase your muscle size and burn body fat as well in a natural progression, then these supplements are a good choice for you.

Overall, both metabolic and anabolic supplements can be beneficial to the body especially when used in moderation both for male and female fitness enthusiasts.