An Open Area For An MRI

If you have fears of being in enclosed spaces, then an MRI is probably not an option if you need any kind of medical testing. An open MRI can be beneficial for those who are claustrophobic or have other issues of being in an MRI tube.

One of the primary benefits of this kind of MRI is to help alleviate the fears of those who become nervous while being in small spaces. It is also helpful for those who are already nervous about getting the test completed as there could be something wrong that the doctor is looking for by performing the test. This MRI is also good for young children who need to have images done. During most MRIs, children are sedated so that they aren’t afraid of the tube and the sounds that are from the machine. One parent can also usually lay with the child on the table with this machine as there isn’t an enclosure. It’s a table with a large camera that circles to the area of the body that needs to have an image taken.

The open machine is also ideal for those who are obese. If a test is ordered for someone who is obese, the traditional MRI might be too small, and the patient can’t have the necessary scans done to get the proper treatment. The open table makes it easier for patients of all sizes to get scanned. Patients who have an IV or another kind of medical equipment that is needed while the MRI is being performed can easily be scanned as the pole or device can be placed beside the table. Another benefit of this kind of MRI is that it can sometimes be difficult for those who need an image of an area of the body that can’t be positioned completely.