5 Tips For Filing A Disability Claim

If you’ve recently become disabled, you may find yourself scrambling for answers on how to make sure that your disability claim is accepted.

You’ve probably heard horror stories about claim after claim being denied by insurance companies.  The sad truth is that the odds of your claim being accepted are usually not in your favor.  Only a small portion of disability claims that come in are accepted, so it’s important to make sure that you’ve got all of your bases covered.

Here are some of the best tips to ensure that your disability claim is successful.

File As Soon As Possible

Don’t wait until things get dire to take action.  Some applications take a considerably long time to process, and even more if you need to appeal.

The longer that you wait, the less credible that your claim will appear to whoever is handling your case.  In their eyes, if you are indeed suffering, you should have filed immediately rather than taking the time to wait.

Consider Hiring An Attorney

Having a disability is difficult enough as it is.  Trying to handle all of the paperwork and obstacles involved with filing a claim can be overwhelming.  You may want to consider bringing in a professional to ensure that your application is as thorough and organized as possible.   The better prepared your claim is, the higher your chances are of winning.

Having a good disability attorney by your side will ensure all of your questions are answered, your paperwork is filled out correctly, and that your case is followed thoroughly by checking that it’s been accepted.  Although it requires an initial investment, it’s worth the money to know that you have better chances of winning the money you’re entitled to.

Keep Records Of Everything

When it comes to filing a claim about your disability you can never be too thorough.  Save records of all of your appointments and treatments.  Make sure that you save any proof of prescriptions for medications.

Keep track of your daily condition and whether you’re experiencing frequent pain or discomfort.  Keeping a thorough record can strongly support the validity of your case.

Get Your Doctor On Board

Make sure that your doctor provides you with all of your medical records and a letter detailing your medical condition.  The letter should outline why you are unfit to work as well as the progression of your well-being.

The more your doctor cooperates with you, the better your chances are.

Stay Positive

Even though it can be easy to give in to feelings of pessimism and self-doubt, you should try to remain positive through challenging moments.

Worrying and doubting the outcome won’t do you any good.  Instead, you should keep your chin up and focus on getting a strong case together.