5 Things You Should Look For In a Family Doctor

Finding a family doctor shouldn’t be treated the same as something as simple as finding a pair of shoes.  When you’re putting your life into a doctor’s hands, it’s important to know that they’ll do their job correctly instead of putting you in harm’s way.

Even though you may want to choose the first doctor you find out of convenience; it’s essential to take the time to make sure you find an excellent fit for your family.  This is the person who you’ll be going to when one of you needs medical attention, so it’s crucial you make a good choice.

When it comes to what to look for in your family doctor, here are the most important things.


It’s nice to know that your doctor has a significant amount of experience.  Even though everyone has to start somewhere, ideally, you want to eliminate the possibility of potentially being misdiagnosed.

Try to find someone that’s been in their field for at least a decade.  They’ll be more relaxed and confident, and as a result so will you and your family.


Having a doctor who is close to home is crucial.  When you’re feeling ill and need to be seen quickly, the last thing you want to do is sit in a traffic jam potentially vomiting in your car.

Opt for a doctor who is within a five-mile radius of your home.  That way the distance it takes to get to them doesn’t dissuade you from getting medical attention when necessary.

They Accept Your Insurance

A lot of patients make the mistake of showing up at their new family doctor’s office only to arrive at the counter after their appointment to find that they don’t accept their insurance.

Not only is it a costly mistake, but you’ll have to start your search all over again.  Always make sure to ask ahead of time on the phone.

You Have a Good Rapport

Your doctor is going to see you at your most vulnerable moments, so it’s vital that you trust and have a good rapport with them.  When you have a doctor who you feel rushes you or doesn’t seem to care about your overall well-being, you don’t feel like you’re in good hands.

Whereas when you walk into an office knowing that you’re about to see someone you’ve got a positive relationship with, you feel at ease.

Good With Kids

A lot of doctors may be great with adults, but when it comes to interaction with little kids, it isn’t their forte.

Since they’ll be dealing with both you and your little ones, make sure that you opt for one that likes children.  It’s imperative that they’re gentle with them should they have any fears about going to the doctor’s office.