5 Helpful Ways to Store Recipes

Technology makes it easy to download and store recipes on your favorite device, which provides a convenient solution. However, when you’re ready to hit the kitchen and dive into cooking, not much can beat pulling out a physical recipe to follow. While it’s always best to keep a digital copy of your recipes for backup, here are some fun ways to store a paper or other hard copy.


Find yourself a simple or decorative journal, preferably something that will match your kitchen’s colors or theme. You can either write your recipes directly in the journal or tape them onto the pages.

Photo Album

A large photo album will allow you to place the papers directly inside. As a bonus, the film protectors will help keep your recipes dry and clean.

Tin or Box

You can find old-fashioned or decorative tins and recipe boxes at dollar stores or at garage sales. These have a nostalgic feel and may bring back memories of your grandmother cooking when you were little.


A sturdy school binder can work well, too. You can simply write your recipes on paper or print them off, punch holes in them, and add them to the binder. However, this will not offer protection from spills and food-covered fingerprints. It’s best to either laminate them first for protection or get sheet protectors to slide them in.

Flip Stand

A vertical flip stand is a great option, as you can stand your recipe up while you’re cooking. This makes it easier to look at, relieves your neck, and gives you more workspace.

Cork Board

Turn your recipes into part of the kitchen décor with cork boards. Use simple thumbtacks to add your favorite recipes and they’ll always be at the ready.