5 Favorite Snacks in Pittsburgh

Food is a lot more about mere sustenance. It says something about the culture in a particular place. The city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a diverse city with a rich history which is reflected in the snacks that people create, enjoy, and share with others. Here are a few of the comestibles that locals feel are most representative of the city. Some may be available from a Pittsburgh commissary.

1. Clark Bar

A Clark Bar is a candy bar consisting of peanut butter and toffee on the inside and chocolate on the outside. It was discontinued in 2018 but is scheduled to make a comeback this year thanks to a rival candy-maker buying the rights to the name and recipe. The Clark Bar was developed in Pittsburgh by David L. Clark, an Irish immigrant, in 1886.

2. Pittsburgh Popcorn

In addition to the movie-style butter flavor, Pittsburgh Popcorn is also available in other special flavors, including dill pickle, buffalo wings, and Wisconsin cheddar cheese for those who prefer savory and “white chocolate lepra-corn” or chocolate chunky caramel for those with a sweet tooth.

3. Smiley Cookies

Eat ‘N Park Restaurant refers to itself as “The Place for Smiles,” and this motto is reflected in its signature dessert, the Smiley Cookie. The sugar cookies come in different shapes but all carry the same smile in the icing.

4. Burnt Almond Torte

Another dessert unique to Pittsburgh is Prantl’s Bakery burnt almond torte. Dubbed the “world’s best cake,” it is available in both full size and individual servings.

5. Pierogi

No discussion of Pittsburgh-specific cuisine would be complete without a mention of the pierogi. Brought to the U.S. by Ukrainian and Polish immigrants, pierogi consist of a savory or sweet filling wrapped up in unleavened dough to form a dumpling and then boiled. They are considered a Pittsburgh staple.