4 Tips for Choosing an Alarm Monitoring Service

An alarm monitoring company can give you peace of mind while you’re working, vacationing or otherwise absent from your home. But what should you know about these watchdog services before you choose them? What differentiates the good companies from the bad? Here are just a few tips for finding an alarm monitoring corporation you can trust.

1. Know Your Brands

First things first: What companies are active in your area? You’ll want to stay within your county for the most immediate services in case of an emergency. You should also look carefully at the reputations of the various brands available to you. Are some of them known for fraudulent behavior? Are some notorious for being overpriced? Do your research before making a commitment.

2. Look at Functions and Features

What does the company promise? What special features or services do they offer in alarm monitoring? Some might send you text alerts if unusual activity is detected on your premises; some might provide extra security in the form of codes or encryptions; some might help you repair your alarm if it ever breaks or malfunctions. The possibilities are endless, so it’s important to look into all of them to make a smart purchase decision.

3. Read Their Reviews

The best way to get the gauge of a company is to read reviews from its previous customers. If you see the same complaints cropping up again and again, they’re probably true. On the other hand, if the company offers great benefits or exceptional customer service, clients are usually happy to share that news as well. Just make sure you’re reading these testimonials from reliable third-party sites and not the company itself.

4. Ask About Guarantees

Never buy a policy without some kind of service guarantee. For example, if you get burgled and the alarm company fails to act quickly or appropriately, will they compensate you in some way for your losses? If you purchase natural disaster protection, does it cover tornadoes, hurricanes and floods? These are all important things to ask before you part with your money.

These are just a few things to consider as you sift through the different alarm monitoring services in your area. They can mean the difference between a thwarted theft and a successful robbery, so make sure you choose carefully! For more information about protecting your home while you’re away, visit sites like AlarmRelay.com.