4 Strategies for Decreasing Your Stress

Stress is a constant feature of modern culture. It takes commitment and intentionality to resist it. Certainly, making healthy changes in your relationships, career, and media consumption will make a big impact. Once you’ve done that, what are some things you can do to decrease stress in your body and mind? Here are a few effective strategies.

1. Get a Massage

Commit to receiving the gift of massage regularly. It is one of the most powerful ways to relax, de-stress, unwind your muscular tension, and keep your body limber and pain-free. Getting a massage from a friend or partner is great; so is self-massage. But there’s nothing like the therapeutic effect of a professional massage. Try a search using terms such as massage therapy of Fredericksburg to find a clinician who’s well-qualified, competent, and caring.

2. Get Grounded

Go for a walk outdoors as often as possible. If you’re able to take your shoes off, even better. You’ll benefit from the electrical currents of the earth. Want to find out more? Try earthing, which has evidence-based science to back up its claims.

3. Get Rested

Be sure to get enough sleep if you want to decrease your stress level. Insufficient sleep leads to elevated cortisol levels, which increases anxiety and the “fight-or-flight” response. Aim for at least seven hours of shut-eye per night. Also, it’s beneficial to take part in some type of mindfulness practice during the day, whether it’s meditation, prayer, or yoga.

4. Get Moving

Establish and maintain a sustainable exercise routine that brings cardiovascular, muscular, flexibility, and agility benefits. Get together with a certified trainer to get you started if needed; be sure to get medical clearance. Exercise is one of the most powerful stress relievers and will help you feel vital and relaxed.

Decreasing your stress involves caring for yourself holistically. Try these tips to feel calmer and more serene.