4 Reasons Why Swimming is Great for Seniors

Once you enter your senior years, staying active can prove more of a challenge than when you were younger. Yet it is as important as ever to continue to get exercise and to keep your heart healthy. What many seniors have to do then, then, is find activities that match their physical capabilities without going overboard. For many, swimming is ideal, both because of its nature and because many senior living facilities have pools on the premises. Here are four reasons why swimming is so great for the over 50 crowd.

  1. Less joint stress. As you age your joints become more brittle, to the point where running or jogging is painful to even think about. Swimming, however, is low-impact, because at no point do you come down on your feet with the full weight of your body plus gravity. You can walk, leap, glide and whatever else without fear that you will feel it in your knees the next day.
  2. All-over exercise. Swimming is a full-body activity, and the place for senior living Sunnyvale residents recognize as the best know that it works as both a cardiovascular and strength exercise. Doing laps will get you breathing hard and get your heart rate up, while the natural resistance from the water naturally tones muscles.
  3. Community and social aspects. Hanging out in the pool and getting exercise opens up possibilities for socializing and being among friends. Since it’s something a group can do, seniors may be more likely to show up to see their friends. Plus, many pools offer special classes for people over 50, with instructors leading groups in pool activities.
  4. Quality physical, mental and emotional health. All of these factors mean that the senior in the pool is much more likely to experience a triumvirate of health benefits, all of which directly correlate with the others. When the body is healthy, self-confidence is raised and the risk of depression is lower.

If you or your loved one are struggling to find an activity that to keep fit in your senior years, then give swimming a try.