4 Best Natural Methods for Removing Skin Tags

Are you concerned by the unappealing look of skin tags populating your skin? Wondering how to remove those little nuisances? The good news is that, while unsightly, skin tags are completely harmless to your health. Skin tags are actually just small skin growths that are benign and non-cancerous. You can go to a dermatologist to remove the tags but that can be costly and painful. Included here are a few great ways to remove skin tags naturally.

Natural Oils

In recent years, many people have become enamored with the potential healing benefits accessible through natural essential oils. The most common oils used to remove skin tags are tea tree oil and castor oil. Some believe that applying these oils twice daily to the skin tag can help remove it after a week or two.

Kitchen Remedies

Sometimes the easiest solutions come from handy ingredients already present in your home. Again, with this treatment, it is advised you apply the liquid directly to the skin tag twice daily. Some common cures include apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, pineapple juice and onion juice.

Make a Pumice

The cure for some skin conditions can be in creating and applying a natural pumice to the skin, covering it with a bandage, and leaving it on overnight. Skin tags can be removed by crushing fresh garlic, ginger or banana peel and applying it to the skin. Be sure you don’t apply this pumice too often though, as some of the properties in garlic and ginger could burn the surrounding skin.

Clip or Tie Off

If you are too busy to apply these cures multiple times a day for weeks on end, you may be looking for a faster and more simple method. The quickest way to remove a skin tag is to fully cut it off, but this can be painful and could lead to infection. Clipping skin tags off with nail clippers is commonly accepted, but the clippers and skin should be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol beforehand. Numb the area around the tag with ice before clipping and apply pressure from a sterile gauze immediately after until bleeding stops.

In some folk medicine, the removal of the skin tag is as simple as removing its source of nutrients. This means taking a neutral, skin-colored piece of string and tying it tightly around the base of the skin tag. Remove any extra string and leave it tied on for a week or two until the skin tag turns black. It will then fall off with light rubbing, easiest after it has been heated in the shower; this method is best for skin tags that are in non-visible areas.